December 20


I will need your help to continue…

Since the year 2000, I’m actively involved in promoting Intercultural Dialogue. In 2003 I made of it my main cause, my main march, my main campaign… All my actions are about to support and promote: Cultural Diversity, Creativity, Cultures Exchange, Culture of Peace and Mutual Understanding arround the world. I bring free online support, create and organize online and offline initiatives: Online Comunities or Platforms,  Social Activities, Arts exhibitions, Contests, Books, Research, Survey, Networking, Blogs, etc.

I have the feeling that we have to do it, we have to act for good causes, because our today’s world needs it, we have to act for good causes since the ones doing the opposite never stop. We have to insist even dificulties, and keep in mind there is no easy combat.

I’m calling for support! And if you think what I’m doing is positive, please help me to continue…

For financial Support

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Material / Logistic Support and Donation

– Informatic Hardware donation: Desktop PC, Laptop etc.

– Human Ressource supports: Web designer, App Creator, Reviewer, Freelace-writer, etc.

– Other types of Support: Promotion, Advises, etc.


If you have another support type idea, feel free to let me know about it!